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We have developed a reputation for delivering trusted solutions and being accessible to our clients globally. We provide reliable and responsive services managed by our experienced geophysicists and field operation specialists.

We provide a broad range of geophysical survey solutions for project engineers, geoscientists and planners who require detailed information on subsurface conditions beneath their project areas. With a vast experience in providing geophysical services to a wide range of industry groups on domestic and international projects, AAA Services continues to offer clientele innovative solutions for their subsurface mapping needs.

We offer multiple geophysics survey solutions using state of the art technology to capture the full nature of differing types of geologic and engineering material properties below the ground surface.

Our approach in the design and execution of value-added geophysical survey solutions for our clients incorporates three fundamental principals we continuously strive to maintain:

Our capabilities include imaging subsurface features in 2 or 3 dimensions to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the different types of ground conditions that exist within your project scope area.

Core features


AAA Services brings together a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in geology, geophysics, geomorphology and geotechnical engineering with the ability to offer a complete Geo-hazard service covering identification, risk assessment, analysis, solution engineering and management.

Applied Geophysical & Geotechnical

Geophysical methods apply physical laws with aid of sophisticated methods and techniques to investigate Earth’s subsurface. It measures variations of physical properties of subsurface rocks using non-invasive and non-destructive techniques.

Drilling & Field Logistic

We have a resourceful crew that is capable of conducting Field Services in all terrains. 4 Wheel Drive SUVs with Navigation Systems and guides who know the terrain and Remote Communication Facilities through VSAT, RF, GPRS & GSM.

Geothermal & Renewable Energy

We offers Geothermal Studies that includes a detailed study of the subsurface in search of viable active geothermal regions with the goal of building a geothermal power plant, where hot fluids drive turbines to create electricity.

We believe in Quality, Safety,and Customer Satisfaction

Our experienced team is composed of professional geophysicists, geologists, engineers, field technicians, and instrument operators who are dedicated to deliver high quality results that clients can trust in a safety-conscious manner.

With our expert team we provide a comprehensive understanding of what lies beneath the surface within the confines of your project area matters.