Hydrological and geological studies

Water Resource Management
November 2, 2017
Geotechnical Investigation
November 3, 2017
We help our clients identify areas for sustainable water resource development, site water management, and more worldwide. Our services span the full continuum, including:

  • Integrated water supply systems.
  • Water storage and drought preparedness.
  • Stormwater, drainage and flood management.
  • Water quality strategies and permits.
  • Water management planning.
  • Groundwater exploration and supply development.
  • Aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), managed aquifer recharge (MAR) and river bank filtration (RBF).
  • Well and wellfield rehabilitation.
  • Well and wellfield efficiency and economic evaluation.
  • Groundwater remediation.
  • Hydrogeological data collection and monitoring.
  • Hydraulic testing.
  • Numerical flow and transport modeling.
  • Wellhead protection, aquifer management and permitting.
  • Integrated basin-wide groundwater surface-water management studies.
  • Hydrogeological characterization for environmental assessments and permitting.
  • Ground water exploration, resource assessment and development.
  • Borefield design and installation.
  • Ground water resource and borefield management.
  • Water management plans.
  • Numerical modeling (ground water and surface water).
  • Hydrogeological mapping.
  • Aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), managed aquifer recharge (MAR) and wastewater reuse .
  • Planning and carrying out surface and underground water observation networks and Climate monitoring stations.

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